The sneaker´s history leads back to the 1830’s. The USA and Great Britain were the fashion trendsetters: here, the sporty shoe fashion experienced its first hype. A flexible rubber sole and shaft made of linen were already the ingredients for the casual shoe type.

In the 1870’s these models were given the name “Plimsoll” in England. The background is that the contrasting colors of the seams on the rubber sole remind of the plimsolls of ships – founded by the representative Samuel Plimsoll. The line on the edge of the soles meant that the carrier of the shoes will get wet as soon as the water exceeds the line.

Many years later, there were ikons like James Dean in 1950’s and Steve McQueen in the 1970’s who made the sneaker world-famous. For many decades, the sneaker was reserved for big sport brands. Only in the course of time, the amazing shoe turned into an everyday hero.

Not least because of Christoph Siegel who founded the brand Candice Cooper in 2007, the hype exploded and made the special accessory socially acceptable. His passion for design, colors and Italy (where the Coopers are produced) is visible in every single collection.